Welcome, National School Project

Friends of the Great Commission (FGC) is excited to begin working with the National School Project (NSP), a ministry focused on equipping public school students with resources and mentoring to reach their campuses for Christ. The work they are doing with youth is unique and powerful.

FGC will partner with NSP by providing administrative support in the areas of donation processing and accounting. FGC has a passion for administration, and through our first rate team of financial experts and registered accountants and CPAs we’ll provide robust support to NSP. This means that all of NSP’s donations will be processed by FGC, and all Letters of Acknowledgement (Receipts) will be issued by FGC. FGC will also handle all payables and other bookkeeping functions.

This will free NSP to focus its personnel and volunteers on the ministry they have been called to: reaching public school campuses with the good news of Jesus Christ. Their expertise in that area has allowed them to reach an ever-growing scope of schools across the United States with the gospel.

As supporters of NSP, we encourage you to continue supporting them using these new donation pages:

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Thank you for participating in the Great Commission!